Monday, June 30, 2008

ha ha ha- the whole of Great Britain only now know they have a champion to support. But it was a thrilling match, Andy Murray was two sets to love down and Richard Gasquet was serving for the match when every thing changed, with thrilling shots at the net the match went to a tiebreak the crowd got into it and at the end of it Andy had won the match and no one could believe it . Andy's expression was a sight to see.

It has been almost seventy years since a Brit has won Wimbledon. Murray has never beaten Nadal nor has he ever been past the quarters in any grand slam -before now- Andy is now on every one's radar so their expectations of him is now different.

I am going to continue to root for him, and I believe he will win the championship but even if he does not, there are many more to come. I saw his mother in the crowd rooting for him she must be so proud.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It is Murray time

I like Murray for the championships, but that could be wishful thinking, after all there is Federer and Nadal waiting in the wings. I just feel like this is Murray's time, he is ready, he is in front of his home crowd, he is fit, he is looking good. I know I know Federer has won it the last five times and he does not have the good grace to miss a grand slam for one reason or another, but I can see a difference this year, a chink in the armour, all in all I think one way or another, this year,
Federer is going down.

On the women's side it looks like a Williams sisters final we have not seen that in a while. This will be a great culmination of their careers. Clisters retired last year the sport misses her, she is one of the ladies who could give the sisters some competition. I do not see any one else who can do that this year. Of course there are the giant killers which means that on any given day any one can take any body out. This time though I think Serena and Venus want this bad.

I feel for Safina and I also feel for her brooding brother Safin - in advance- so many hopefuls and only one can win. How do they do it, put themselves out there for us to enjoy and critique.

Well, like Hillary Clinton, I too seem to have found my voice. Two weeks ago I could not post a word to save my life, now it is almost a post a day.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Go Home

Jelena Jankovic, Ana Ivanovic and Novak Jokovic are not the Serbs who washed up on the shores of the Australian continent earlier this year. They are no longer hungry.Where is the fire.With two grand slams under their belts it is not surprising that Jankovic is the only one left in the Wimbledon tournament.She is yet to win a grand slam.

Sharapova's outfit was the best I have ever seen at a grand slam. The more you looked at that outfit the more you saw. The trousers the jacket were excellent and the blouse was even better. If she had put as much effort into her game as she put into her outfit she would still have been in the competition. I am looking forward to seeing her in the US open.

I am so glad Justine Henin is now retired, it will give an opportunity to so many young women to get a chance at winning a grand slam. Federer is another one who should retire. he has won 14 grand slams just think of the hopes and dreams that could be fulfilled in the lives of so many young men.He has nothing more to prove,he should toddle off with his beautiful girl friend Mica and have a happy life.

Serena and Venus Williams should also retire although the way the American men crashed out of Wimbledon I am sure most Americans would not agree with me they are the only ones keeping the flag flying. To tell the truth I will miss both sisters if they should retire. I look forward to their outfits and their larger than life personas.

I have no one to talk tennis with now that my second to last son in now training in the regiment. He and I are the tennis and political junkies of the family.Thank you for letting me bend your ear.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Me ...............a blogger

Hi there all you people out there in blogland I wish I had something I can share with you guys. Any thing I write I think that is way too inappropriate. what I will do though is wait until I can post pictures and let them tell their own story. So until then see ya.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who are these women

My son is getting married yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right. He is my second of four sons. I know I should be happy, and I am but...

They say I am not loosing a son but gaining a daughter, trust me I feel like i am loosing a son.

He is in his second year of college. He is 24 years old He is on a partial scholarship and he is a straight A student.

the girl is one year older than him and she is very quiet and unglamourous she is also an excellent student.

Some days ago I met with the prospective in laws. It was no fun.

We are well into wedding planning and I find it easy to agree with most of their plans and with most young people they think they know best.
It is a bit strange being invaded by all these strange women. I wish back to the good old days when parents choose the wife for their sons. I will not let my sons choose curtains far less a wife. All in all I have been lucky no hoochy mammas well almost