Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Me ...............a blogger

Hi there all you people out there in blogland I wish I had something I can share with you guys. Any thing I write I think that is way too inappropriate. what I will do though is wait until I can post pictures and let them tell their own story. So until then see ya.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

You are a blogger!! AT LAST!!
Seriously, congratulations this was an excellent first blog! Keep on blogging and saying your say girl!

damnemptynester said...

for brain coral
is the girl still there
is she paying rent
these questions are for your mother

faux mystery eh ah well it was good while it lasted

Braincoral said...

omg! mam forde has read my blog??? Anyways, I will answer those questions via email!! lol!

Braincoral said...

About your blog! Good job, its tough and it feels inappropriate. I feel that way too most of the time, but writing thats most you is your best writing, so let go and blog! You will feel very free when you do. BTW Ann marie says we are all unemployed!

ann Marie said...

hello unemployed sistas, well very interesting reading. I kinda liiked while I wa welcoming bratties this morning......I will definitely read more when i have more time...ah you know......after WORK.

Bridget said...

Hello EmptyNester! So nice to meet you. Thank you for coming to my blog. I am new at this and started VERY slowly. Before you know it, it is taking over your life! : ) I hope you will find something that speaks to your heart or just some photos for us to enjoy. Take care, Bridget

Raxx - A day in the life said...

ditto Bridget, and please post something else, and dont become a comment junkie like me! lol

Anonymous said...

Just me again - you just did post a blog - see even just saying you can't think of anything to blog about has got you 5 readers.

I sometimes make a note of things that happen during the day so that when I have time I can remember to blog them. Like say something new growing in your garden, or something you overheard in the street, or a funny thing you saw.

One day while in the car I saw a single shoe lying in the road. I though "I wonder how that got there" and then I posted it on my blog along with a photo from google images of a single shoe.

It's things like that, that get people reading. How about hobbies? There are some great blogs about cooking, crafts, gardens etc.

Just spend some time blog hopping. If you find a blog you like, use their links to their favourite blogs as often you find they are along the same lines.

It will take time to get more readers and you have to post a comment on every blog so new readers see your blogname and may come and read yours.

I have regular readers but not loads. Those with loads tend to be very active and do a lot of bloghopping/posting themselves.

Hope you don't mind me adding my two pennorth worth, I can be a bit bossy at times.