Friday, June 12, 2009


I am so happy to be back to blogging, it has been too long, it will take a while to get by blogging legs back, so be patient, dont know what to talk about after so long, so much has happened, my son is now married, he is very happy, so happy in fact we have gone from chatting two, three times a week to once a month, if i am lucky, ah well as long as he is happy

Colin is now a soldier, his training days are over, and he is so happy, he has bought two cars, and is brimming over with business ideas, Gerard, our patriarch we have not seen much of since he sold us his car, we do miss him, Leslie celebrated his twenty second birthday, and we did not get a chance to see him, apparently no one told him he is supposed to present himself to his mother on his birthday for her to see how he is doing

I myself have taken a break from studying but will be restarting next month, need to earn some money, my big birthday is coming up and I do want to celebrate in a big way

Recently on my favorite social network a woman met her death, and i could not help thinking that there for the grace of God goes me, we were about the same age, and we both have four kids, but she is me years ago, when i was her age, i do like to think i have grown since then as doubtless she would have in time, i see the signs, the urgency to meet up with someone, anyone, as long as they were presentable, hopefully in time she would have learnt to recognize a looser when saw one, she drove so many miles to pick him up, then she drove to the beach, then on the way she spent her hard earned money, she should have been spending on her kids and herself, and her home, on a gift, a cake, food and drinks, did she think that was all she deserved. She was such a beautiful woman, where was her self esteem, where was her assurance that she was enough. It was his birthday, but a gift would have been enough, i know people say she should not have gone to the beach with him, but that is what she loved, the water, and if he wanted to do her harm, he could have done it any where. Hell even if he is innocent he is guilty, he should have protected her.

I wish both families peace and strength, and may she rest in peace

On a brighter note, i have met someone, he is my age, and we do like the same things, tennis, sports in general, and he is sexy as hell, dont know where this is going but i am taking it sooo show, and i am not in a hurry at all, we may get sick of each other before we move things to the next level, if you know what mean. in the mean time i am enjoying life, love and my beautiful kids

Monday, July 28, 2008

Me.................A blogger 2

Well some time has passed since I started blogging, and how has it been, well it is a lot of fun and it is very therapeutic, not to mention that my typing skills have improved and even my spelling I can now type almost as fast as I think, which may or may not be a good thing. (smile)

Recently my sister wrote a blog about visitors to her blog who do not leave any footprints, and I thought, so what, but now I get it, when you blog you put a little of yourself out there and when you get a visitor and, which for me is a rare thing, you want to know who they are and what they thought.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to my blog, feel free to leave a comment or not, if it made you laugh, or cry, or wince it is all good.

There is one visitor from Tacarigua I do not know who you are but you are the most regular visitor to my blog, if you visit first thing in the morning and last thing at night, or even if you 'accidentlly' hit a button and land on my blog (I know how that is) you are welcome as well.

My international visitors who enjoyed my comments on tennis and those who enjoyed mango vert mango teen, to my Spanish visitor, I am so sorry I do not speak Spanish but I am going to assume that you took something positive away from your reading of Samantha. you are all very welcome

To my sisters, both here at home and abroad, when you do pop in (not often enough) I would like to say to you guys you are most welcome.

Well I have been to 'tagged', do not get me started on that' school has restarted and I have had to come to terms with the fact that I am not as young as I used to be (dont we all) and after all that, here I am back on my blog embracing it like an old friend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My son recently signed me up for 'tagged' he did every thing including the profile without asking me a single question until it was time to post pictures. When he realized I had no photos to use he got one from my 'my pictures'. Then the problem was that the woman was so beautiful that I got messages from hundreds of men and women even women pretending to be men (smile) I quickly let them know that the girl in the picture was not me but that i was waaaay prettier (smile) I would like to share with you one such conversation. You then have to read it from the last comment to the first for it to make sense.
N F:
potted plants i would love a bigger garden but no room
Jerome S:
what kind of garden do you have?
N F:
i feel a lot better today, people who enjoy good health every day tend to take it for granted. i hope not to do that again i cant wait to go out to my garden do some work,
Jerome S:
Seems like you're still down for the count, and I don't want to hit a woman when she is down.
N F:
hey, wake up
Jerome S:
I disagree to some extent, but I will ease you up tonight, go and sleep and I hope you feel better tomorrow. You're right it's not sexy but I haven't seen the sexy side to you yet so It's not a shift in image.
N F:
fortunately when you get one you get the other,if you ask any one what are their dreams they will let you know it is very modest, very few people want to get rich they just want to be comfortable the bible say it is easier for an elephant to pass though the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven,the rich man has many many sins he has to answer to. i do not want to be rich, i just do not want to be enslaved, the population of
t&T are enslaved, sold out to the Syrians and the manufacturers and the rest taking advantage of the situation.
you have a good night, i was not so well, got a bad case of gas, not a very sexy affliction i know, but we are friends so you get to hear it
Jerome S:
I think we are saying the same thing except you believe that education can free people while I believe it is not necessarily so. Tell me, what would the educated person do? Would they realise that they are being doped and then rise up? No the education system protects its creators. The education system is one of the institutions that reinforces the status quo.

Ok. Before I go on, when you speak of education exactly what kind of education are you referring to? Are speaking of institutionalised education or are you speaking of the education of who you are and the education of freeing ones self from mental slavery?
N F:
if you ask any one if they were sure that they were being taken advantage of, if they were sure the minimum wage should be 40dollars an hour,what they would do,they would say they would riot in the streets, and they would be wrong, the reason they would do nothing is because the govt doles out enough for folks to survive, then they have carnival, church, relatives, the beach and a few other things to distract then from the fact that they are working hard and would never be able to afford a house or a good car, that the law abiding ones work two jobs and then someone molests their daughter and their son turned bandit while they were not looking
in Trinidad people commit crimes to survive not to get the big dreams.
education is power don't let them fool you
and please bring it on
Jerome S:
I think you might be the one that is brainwashed. You are probably the type that believes once you are educated you will make it. In this world capitalism is king, there is no equality, it's only a myth. You can believe all the promises you want but the ones in power will always remain in power and will do all they can to do so. This often means opressing the masses....I can go on but I am not sure how much of this you can handle
I have made a lot of friends on this website and i do recommend it but only if you are single (smile) I am under a lot of pressure from my on line friend to post my real pictures and I will soon

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have been thinking
There are so many things on our minds, we worry about so many things, our children, our health, our family, our finances, war in middle east, politics, sports, injustices in Africa, injustices here at home.

But there is very little that we can do about some of these things. But what about the things we can do something about, If every one looked around and tried to make a move in a positive direction about one problem that they can do something about it may not change much, but it may change a little.

One problem I would like changed right now is a problem that I know I should stay as far away from as possible- that once bitten twice shy kind of thing - but I find this particular problem a little dfficult to ignore when with a little effort we can all make a move towards fixing a very special problem.

Samantha is pregnant, and homeless we all know that, but I was thinking that with a little help from all of us we may be able to fix this. I for one have 10.00 every week that I do not know what to do with. (smile) So if we can come up with 100.00 dollars a week this may be very helpful.

The best place for Samantha is with her grandmother and while I know that her grand mother would love to provide a home for Samantha without any financial assistance from any one I think it would be easier to put up with all the shit that Samantha gives if the support is forthcoming.

Samantha stopped eating and feinted away because she had stopped eating, she felt that if she could not contribute financially, she should not eat.She is staying now with friends, I think her grandmother can be convinced to take her back, her parents are hopeless, what do you think.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


My eldest son has become the patriarch of this family at the age of twentyfive. This is not something he asked for, or was given this is something that was thrust upon him.

He does not even know that that is the role he has within this family, and would be very surprised to hear this.

He is the one everyone looks to for financial advise. and he is very careful with his money. He is also very business minded which is a strange combination.

Recently he had to carry his father and his grandmother to the hospital at the same time. I know I could not put up with the both of them at the same time. I was so thankful to him for that.

At the first sign of trouble the first call I make is to him. I know he will not panic or overreact like his father would.

He is the voice of reason, he is the voice of wisdom and It is so good to be sure he has every one's best interest at heart.

Due to a technicality he could not get cable, but after I spent some time on the phone on his behalf he was able to get cable. I was a bit concerned that once he got cable he would spend less time at my house but I need not have worried, it would seem he enjoys our company just as much as we enjoy his.

I recently met his new girlfriend, I like her.The least said about his old girlfriend the better. I find that he and his new girlfriend are similar in their interests, their educational goals, their jobs and business interests.I am expecting him home right now I think I will make my famous pelau.

mango vert,mango teen

Well, I must say I am all mangoed out. This is the first year in my 38yrs of mango seasons I can honestly say that I if I see one more mango I am going to ......

How did this happen? I do not know, all I know is that there were too few people chasing too many mangoes.

Earlier this week I had to throw away a bag of mangoes that had not even been opened. The mangoes were bought. brought to the house, where no one paid the slightest attention to them until they started to rot. And then they had to be thrown away.

There is something wrong about that, all those mangoes should have been given away before they had a chance to rot.

This of course would never have happened if the boys were at home - mangoes do not get a chance to ripe, far less rot.

I think we have just gotten used to buying so many mangoes and other fruits (oranges went into the garbage this week as well) and now we have to realize that the household has shrunk and that goes for cooking food as well, I find that I have to heat up a lot of leftovers. There are a lot of adjustments that one has to make when one is a damn empty nester.

It is high time my son came home from training, it has been well over two months. I hope I am not disappointed this week as I was last week, because then they are going to be hearing from me (smile)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It is easy when one is winning tournaments to be gracious and kind, and then very one thinks you are a gentleman.but when one has lost - as I knew he would - the real Federer is exposed for all the world to see.

Federer said he lost because the light was bad - not because he came upon a better player than himself. Any one can see that Federer was out played from start to finish. The match had no right going to five sets. The only reason it did was because Federer had over thirty aces which is what I consider cheap points.

If there were no tiebreaks the match would have been over in three set. I am sure Federer noticed that Nadal out rallied him over and over again. That is a clear indication that one is playing a superior player.

I am glad Nadal has won his first Wimbledon title. My third son would be glad also If he were here Nadal is his favorite player, he would be so disappointed to have missed the match.

Friday, July 4, 2008


There are people out there gnashing their teeth, and butting their heads over who will make the finals and who have made the finals of Wimbledon. And I am one of them. As I predicted there will be a Williams sisters final, and I am pleased about that but there seems to be no doubt that Federer and Nadal are going to be the finalists on the men's side.

If Federer wins all I can say now is God bless him, one should always admire excellence. I will now be rooting for Nadal though, as my boy Murray is out, having come up against a phenom that is Nadal.

Poor Dementieva, such an excellent player. I had always thought she looked like a beautiful house wife, not this year though, she has changed, still beautiful but now with new muscles in the arms and legs, she looks the part of a serious athlete and it shows in her game having reached the semifinals of a grand slam for the first time. But what did she mean by it being a "family decision" about who between the Williams sisters will in Wimbledon.

I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she was having a "communication" problem. She does not seem in any way to be a devious person. But Venus was quite right to make her path clear. As a black athlete one has to be even more vigilant to nip stories or non stories like these in the bud.

I am going to sit back and enjoy the womens finals tomorrow and as I type the mens semis has just started. It will all be over on Sunday and then there is the Olympics to look forward to yeaaaa.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Prince is Coming Home

I always seem to be in preparation for the return of one of my sons. Two weeks ago my second son returned home from Chicago where he is a student, for a ten say visit. This was a surprise visit for his girl friend, she had no idea he was returning, diamond ring in hand to surprise her with an engagement party.

It was a really special moment, every one had gathered at my home, and then my son arrived we had not seen him since Christmas so after the hugs and kisses we awaited the arrival of his girlfriend. She was tricked into coming to my home. After she came in side she moved to give me a hug and then she heard my sons voice. She spun around and was shocked silent, she did not say a word, just kept looking at him to make sure he was really there.

After his girlfriend sat down, he knelt in front of her and whipped out the engagement ring. He then proposed to her in front of our family and friends.

She answered a very quiet 'yes' we had to ask her to repeat, she is a very quiet girl.

Within the next ten days the house was very lively with he and his fiance and their friends in and out of the house.

But the ten days came and went and it has been two weeks now that he has gone back to Chicago and I am now in preparation for my third sons visit.

He has been gone for two months training in the army. I am looking forward to seeing him I suspect he would be changed, he would be thinner and somehow different. He and I are very close having spent a lot of time together at home. We have somehow come to have the same views, interests and opinions as two people will if they spend a lot of time together. We both like gardening, tennis and politics, he also loves football and has a keen interest in what is going on in the middle east.

I am in danger of changing from a damn empty nester to a part time empty nester.


What decides the minimum wage, how is it calculated, what must its buying power be. I do not know. I am not an economist. If there is an economist out there please enlighten me.

The TT dollar was floated against the US dollar. The ratio of the population against the Gross National Product. George Bush says we can no longer qualify for favourable nation status because the country is too rich. All of which leads me - a lay person - to believe the minimum wage should be at least 40.00 an hour, and it is in some parts of the country. A mini apartheid.

So why you may ask am I the only person who thinks the minimum wage should be that amount? Well I am not, do you think that little boy was the only person who noticed that the emperor had no clothes on?

When I was a little girl, a worker was considered a very respectable person. It did not matter where the person worked, the fact that they worked was enough. That person could rent a house pay bills, buy groceries and get married. Now if a person is working you first have to ask where.

People are saying a lot that prices are so high, well they are not, when you compare the inflation of your parents generation, to other generations this period is the lowest it only seams high because salaries have not grown in step.

People are also saying that the crime situation is bad, this is also not true. With any other country that is as rich as ours and with so much poverty, there would have been a lot more crime. I believe there would have been riots in the streets. So where are the riots? well there are two reasons why there are none. Number one is that this is not a godless country, like say China and number two is that the people of this country are really well brought up with a strong sense of family. Also there are extended families to lean on for support.

So who are these other people who know that the minimum wage is too low? Well there are quite a few. First there is the emperor himself who for what ever reason thinks it best to remain quiet. Then there are the merchants and manufactures who are direct beneficiaries of the low minimum wage they for obvious reasons will remain silent. Then there are those who despite the minimum wage receive a high salary. These people also choose to remain silent -shades of the house nigger - They have a sense of entitlement, a feeling that, "I have sent my children to school you should have too" or "I worked hard in school you should have too." They may even be thinking that some how if the uneducated earn more - they will end up with less.

There is obvious danger for the haves from the havenots. you know the people for whom working for 10.00 an hour in not an option. There is the danger of being kidnapped, robbed, hit by a stray bullet. And generally this risk is accepted, with the firm belief that this will happen to someone else, not them.

This evening the Minister of Finance was basking in the glory of the idea of this country being rich. She boasted of the smart card and the other poverty relief measures that they have implemented. She should be so ashamed of herself.

My advice? Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities in the country right now.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This is not a post, it is more like a pre post. I am way too busy to write this post today, I have a lot of plants to pot in preparation for the Christmas season. I wish I had Tootsie to give me some advise on that.

So why, you may ask do I post at all. Well I wanted to give my millions of readers a chance to wonder -what the hell does she mean by THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES.

So till tomorrow, bye.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sex and the City

I was invited to go see Sex and the City today. I immediately refused. then later I wondered why. why cant I go to the beach, why cant I go to a party, why cant I go see sex and the city.

It could not be because Nelson Mandela still needs a visa to enter the US to prove he is not a terrorist. or that Serena and Venus were shuffled off to an unfavourable court on Monday to play their matches. Or that there is the tiny doubt that even if Barak Obama becomes the next president of the US nothing may really change for black people there. Or that the minimum wage in this country is 10.00 (1.60us) making work not an option for too many people so they are killing each other over turf and what ever else gangsters fight over . or if they do work, they must work two jobs like Hope's mother did and then something will slip through the crack, like Hope did. Or that my nephew is in a bit of trouble, or that I am unemployed, or that I may be suffering from PMS right now. All I know is that there is no way I am going to see Sex and the City.

Monday, June 30, 2008

ha ha ha- the whole of Great Britain only now know they have a champion to support. But it was a thrilling match, Andy Murray was two sets to love down and Richard Gasquet was serving for the match when every thing changed, with thrilling shots at the net the match went to a tiebreak the crowd got into it and at the end of it Andy had won the match and no one could believe it . Andy's expression was a sight to see.

It has been almost seventy years since a Brit has won Wimbledon. Murray has never beaten Nadal nor has he ever been past the quarters in any grand slam -before now- Andy is now on every one's radar so their expectations of him is now different.

I am going to continue to root for him, and I believe he will win the championship but even if he does not, there are many more to come. I saw his mother in the crowd rooting for him she must be so proud.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It is Murray time

I like Murray for the championships, but that could be wishful thinking, after all there is Federer and Nadal waiting in the wings. I just feel like this is Murray's time, he is ready, he is in front of his home crowd, he is fit, he is looking good. I know I know Federer has won it the last five times and he does not have the good grace to miss a grand slam for one reason or another, but I can see a difference this year, a chink in the armour, all in all I think one way or another, this year,
Federer is going down.

On the women's side it looks like a Williams sisters final we have not seen that in a while. This will be a great culmination of their careers. Clisters retired last year the sport misses her, she is one of the ladies who could give the sisters some competition. I do not see any one else who can do that this year. Of course there are the giant killers which means that on any given day any one can take any body out. This time though I think Serena and Venus want this bad.

I feel for Safina and I also feel for her brooding brother Safin - in advance- so many hopefuls and only one can win. How do they do it, put themselves out there for us to enjoy and critique.

Well, like Hillary Clinton, I too seem to have found my voice. Two weeks ago I could not post a word to save my life, now it is almost a post a day.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Go Home

Jelena Jankovic, Ana Ivanovic and Novak Jokovic are not the Serbs who washed up on the shores of the Australian continent earlier this year. They are no longer hungry.Where is the fire.With two grand slams under their belts it is not surprising that Jankovic is the only one left in the Wimbledon tournament.She is yet to win a grand slam.

Sharapova's outfit was the best I have ever seen at a grand slam. The more you looked at that outfit the more you saw. The trousers the jacket were excellent and the blouse was even better. If she had put as much effort into her game as she put into her outfit she would still have been in the competition. I am looking forward to seeing her in the US open.

I am so glad Justine Henin is now retired, it will give an opportunity to so many young women to get a chance at winning a grand slam. Federer is another one who should retire. he has won 14 grand slams just think of the hopes and dreams that could be fulfilled in the lives of so many young men.He has nothing more to prove,he should toddle off with his beautiful girl friend Mica and have a happy life.

Serena and Venus Williams should also retire although the way the American men crashed out of Wimbledon I am sure most Americans would not agree with me they are the only ones keeping the flag flying. To tell the truth I will miss both sisters if they should retire. I look forward to their outfits and their larger than life personas.

I have no one to talk tennis with now that my second to last son in now training in the regiment. He and I are the tennis and political junkies of the family.Thank you for letting me bend your ear.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Me ...............a blogger

Hi there all you people out there in blogland I wish I had something I can share with you guys. Any thing I write I think that is way too inappropriate. what I will do though is wait until I can post pictures and let them tell their own story. So until then see ya.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who are these women

My son is getting married yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right. He is my second of four sons. I know I should be happy, and I am but...

They say I am not loosing a son but gaining a daughter, trust me I feel like i am loosing a son.

He is in his second year of college. He is 24 years old He is on a partial scholarship and he is a straight A student.

the girl is one year older than him and she is very quiet and unglamourous she is also an excellent student.

Some days ago I met with the prospective in laws. It was no fun.

We are well into wedding planning and I find it easy to agree with most of their plans and with most young people they think they know best.
It is a bit strange being invaded by all these strange women. I wish back to the good old days when parents choose the wife for their sons. I will not let my sons choose curtains far less a wife. All in all I have been lucky no hoochy mammas well almost