Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have been thinking
There are so many things on our minds, we worry about so many things, our children, our health, our family, our finances, war in middle east, politics, sports, injustices in Africa, injustices here at home.

But there is very little that we can do about some of these things. But what about the things we can do something about, If every one looked around and tried to make a move in a positive direction about one problem that they can do something about it may not change much, but it may change a little.

One problem I would like changed right now is a problem that I know I should stay as far away from as possible- that once bitten twice shy kind of thing - but I find this particular problem a little dfficult to ignore when with a little effort we can all make a move towards fixing a very special problem.

Samantha is pregnant, and homeless we all know that, but I was thinking that with a little help from all of us we may be able to fix this. I for one have 10.00 every week that I do not know what to do with. (smile) So if we can come up with 100.00 dollars a week this may be very helpful.

The best place for Samantha is with her grandmother and while I know that her grand mother would love to provide a home for Samantha without any financial assistance from any one I think it would be easier to put up with all the shit that Samantha gives if the support is forthcoming.

Samantha stopped eating and feinted away because she had stopped eating, she felt that if she could not contribute financially, she should not eat.She is staying now with friends, I think her grandmother can be convinced to take her back, her parents are hopeless, what do you think.


Jorge said...

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Braincoral said...

wam to jorge boy?

Raxx - A day in the life said...

you eh see Jorge ass mad!

damn e n stop lying about your age!!!!!!

38!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am not lying about my age, i am thirtyeight, if i say i am fortynine, i will be lying