Thursday, July 10, 2008


My eldest son has become the patriarch of this family at the age of twentyfive. This is not something he asked for, or was given this is something that was thrust upon him.

He does not even know that that is the role he has within this family, and would be very surprised to hear this.

He is the one everyone looks to for financial advise. and he is very careful with his money. He is also very business minded which is a strange combination.

Recently he had to carry his father and his grandmother to the hospital at the same time. I know I could not put up with the both of them at the same time. I was so thankful to him for that.

At the first sign of trouble the first call I make is to him. I know he will not panic or overreact like his father would.

He is the voice of reason, he is the voice of wisdom and It is so good to be sure he has every one's best interest at heart.

Due to a technicality he could not get cable, but after I spent some time on the phone on his behalf he was able to get cable. I was a bit concerned that once he got cable he would spend less time at my house but I need not have worried, it would seem he enjoys our company just as much as we enjoy his.

I recently met his new girlfriend, I like her.The least said about his old girlfriend the better. I find that he and his new girlfriend are similar in their interests, their educational goals, their jobs and business interests.I am expecting him home right now I think I will make my famous pelau.

mango vert,mango teen

Well, I must say I am all mangoed out. This is the first year in my 38yrs of mango seasons I can honestly say that I if I see one more mango I am going to ......

How did this happen? I do not know, all I know is that there were too few people chasing too many mangoes.

Earlier this week I had to throw away a bag of mangoes that had not even been opened. The mangoes were bought. brought to the house, where no one paid the slightest attention to them until they started to rot. And then they had to be thrown away.

There is something wrong about that, all those mangoes should have been given away before they had a chance to rot.

This of course would never have happened if the boys were at home - mangoes do not get a chance to ripe, far less rot.

I think we have just gotten used to buying so many mangoes and other fruits (oranges went into the garbage this week as well) and now we have to realize that the household has shrunk and that goes for cooking food as well, I find that I have to heat up a lot of leftovers. There are a lot of adjustments that one has to make when one is a damn empty nester.

It is high time my son came home from training, it has been well over two months. I hope I am not disappointed this week as I was last week, because then they are going to be hearing from me (smile)