Monday, June 30, 2008

ha ha ha- the whole of Great Britain only now know they have a champion to support. But it was a thrilling match, Andy Murray was two sets to love down and Richard Gasquet was serving for the match when every thing changed, with thrilling shots at the net the match went to a tiebreak the crowd got into it and at the end of it Andy had won the match and no one could believe it . Andy's expression was a sight to see.

It has been almost seventy years since a Brit has won Wimbledon. Murray has never beaten Nadal nor has he ever been past the quarters in any grand slam -before now- Andy is now on every one's radar so their expectations of him is now different.

I am going to continue to root for him, and I believe he will win the championship but even if he does not, there are many more to come. I saw his mother in the crowd rooting for him she must be so proud.


Raxx - A day in the life said...


Now I actually know the names of tennis players! Keep this up and I may actually watch a game!

Did not see you on line today, what's up?

Braincoral said...

you in a state!! I never knew you were such a sports freak, I have no idea about any of this! Anyways good blog girl!