Sunday, June 29, 2008

It is Murray time

I like Murray for the championships, but that could be wishful thinking, after all there is Federer and Nadal waiting in the wings. I just feel like this is Murray's time, he is ready, he is in front of his home crowd, he is fit, he is looking good. I know I know Federer has won it the last five times and he does not have the good grace to miss a grand slam for one reason or another, but I can see a difference this year, a chink in the armour, all in all I think one way or another, this year,
Federer is going down.

On the women's side it looks like a Williams sisters final we have not seen that in a while. This will be a great culmination of their careers. Clisters retired last year the sport misses her, she is one of the ladies who could give the sisters some competition. I do not see any one else who can do that this year. Of course there are the giant killers which means that on any given day any one can take any body out. This time though I think Serena and Venus want this bad.

I feel for Safina and I also feel for her brooding brother Safin - in advance- so many hopefuls and only one can win. How do they do it, put themselves out there for us to enjoy and critique.

Well, like Hillary Clinton, I too seem to have found my voice. Two weeks ago I could not post a word to save my life, now it is almost a post a day.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

This is truly your passion girl! Heck, keep this up and you may even get me interested!

Lovely post! I like you style of changing your font colors, they look exiting against the black background.

Oh and hubby does not yet know he is in blogland, maybe i'll tell him today! tee-hee!

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Braincoralwhat the heck happended to your blog!??

It was going so good!!

ann Marie said...

Looks like you might be admiring Hillary, things that make you go hmmm