Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Prince is Coming Home

I always seem to be in preparation for the return of one of my sons. Two weeks ago my second son returned home from Chicago where he is a student, for a ten say visit. This was a surprise visit for his girl friend, she had no idea he was returning, diamond ring in hand to surprise her with an engagement party.

It was a really special moment, every one had gathered at my home, and then my son arrived we had not seen him since Christmas so after the hugs and kisses we awaited the arrival of his girlfriend. She was tricked into coming to my home. After she came in side she moved to give me a hug and then she heard my sons voice. She spun around and was shocked silent, she did not say a word, just kept looking at him to make sure he was really there.

After his girlfriend sat down, he knelt in front of her and whipped out the engagement ring. He then proposed to her in front of our family and friends.

She answered a very quiet 'yes' we had to ask her to repeat, she is a very quiet girl.

Within the next ten days the house was very lively with he and his fiance and their friends in and out of the house.

But the ten days came and went and it has been two weeks now that he has gone back to Chicago and I am now in preparation for my third sons visit.

He has been gone for two months training in the army. I am looking forward to seeing him I suspect he would be changed, he would be thinner and somehow different. He and I are very close having spent a lot of time together at home. We have somehow come to have the same views, interests and opinions as two people will if they spend a lot of time together. We both like gardening, tennis and politics, he also loves football and has a keen interest in what is going on in the middle east.

I am in danger of changing from a damn empty nester to a part time empty nester.

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Raxx - A day in the life said...

Wow!! Your posts are getting better and better!! I loved this entry!! When is he coming home?