Friday, June 12, 2009


I am so happy to be back to blogging, it has been too long, it will take a while to get by blogging legs back, so be patient, dont know what to talk about after so long, so much has happened, my son is now married, he is very happy, so happy in fact we have gone from chatting two, three times a week to once a month, if i am lucky, ah well as long as he is happy

Colin is now a soldier, his training days are over, and he is so happy, he has bought two cars, and is brimming over with business ideas, Gerard, our patriarch we have not seen much of since he sold us his car, we do miss him, Leslie celebrated his twenty second birthday, and we did not get a chance to see him, apparently no one told him he is supposed to present himself to his mother on his birthday for her to see how he is doing

I myself have taken a break from studying but will be restarting next month, need to earn some money, my big birthday is coming up and I do want to celebrate in a big way

Recently on my favorite social network a woman met her death, and i could not help thinking that there for the grace of God goes me, we were about the same age, and we both have four kids, but she is me years ago, when i was her age, i do like to think i have grown since then as doubtless she would have in time, i see the signs, the urgency to meet up with someone, anyone, as long as they were presentable, hopefully in time she would have learnt to recognize a looser when saw one, she drove so many miles to pick him up, then she drove to the beach, then on the way she spent her hard earned money, she should have been spending on her kids and herself, and her home, on a gift, a cake, food and drinks, did she think that was all she deserved. She was such a beautiful woman, where was her self esteem, where was her assurance that she was enough. It was his birthday, but a gift would have been enough, i know people say she should not have gone to the beach with him, but that is what she loved, the water, and if he wanted to do her harm, he could have done it any where. Hell even if he is innocent he is guilty, he should have protected her.

I wish both families peace and strength, and may she rest in peace

On a brighter note, i have met someone, he is my age, and we do like the same things, tennis, sports in general, and he is sexy as hell, dont know where this is going but i am taking it sooo show, and i am not in a hurry at all, we may get sick of each other before we move things to the next level, if you know what mean. in the mean time i am enjoying life, love and my beautiful kids


raxx a day in the life said...

wow!! what a great re-entry post to blogland! Welcome back sis!

I agree, the woman should have done better, and even if she went to the beach with him, she should not have gone alone, it should have been a group outing.

Braincoral said...

Yeah, but I understand that we do anything for love sometimes. Love is all about risk. Even men you know for 20 years could choke and kill. I think it was unfortunate, but I dont think she was a fool. Poor lady.

Welcome back to blogging. I eh blogging at all. Good luck!

damnemptynester said...

no, she was not a fool, just desperate for love, probably the effects of a divorce

Anonymous said...

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